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Are you worried about health anxiety?

Have you experience heart pain and related it to heart attack? Single thoughts are common but what if its like never ending recording in your head. Obsessive and irrational thoughts which not only affects your mind but also other aspects of life. In this condition...


Overcome your phobia without drugs

Overcome your phobia without drugs. Excellent ways to overcome your fear. 1, Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy can help to identify the main cause of the fear and helps the individual to manage fear in more calm way. It also helps to form new habits and reduce overthinking...


Drugless treatment for depression

Depression is medical condition and not just sadness. Its more than being sad or lazy. Due to lack of awareness its difficult for many people to differentiate sadness and depression. Some people end up without any treatment or suffer alone. Common depression...


Do you think others can hurt?

    Do you think others can hurt you? Change the specs and see the change. (Perspective) February 2022 Key points ·      Perspective towards certain situation or people matters.  ·      Rational...


Is Anxiety still haunting you?

      Prevention is the best cure!! Sheetal energetic, beautiful and Smart women.  Use to work with private company. Sheetal was workaholic women. She used to stay alone at Mumbai due to work. After her Masters she shifted to...

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