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Personality development 

Skilled and knowledgeable, but due to a lack of confidence, effective communication, or a strong presence within ourselves, we are not able to fulfil our potential.

Develop your personality through hypnotherapy and counselling. Our highly trained mentors will guide you to clarity and a clear path.


Have everything yet may be nothing, Inner confusion or lack of interest, etc. Can be easily overcome through hypnotherapy.

Heal yourself deeply and resolve issues through hypnotherapy.

Focus, concentration, study issues, behaviour

Difficult to handle children’s behaviour, inability to focus, study issues, peer issues, etc.

Help your child overcome difficulties.


Extreme fear of any living or non-living thing that you are unable to manage it.

Fear of public speaking, darkness, traveling, closed rooms, animals, water, etc.

Anxiety disorder

General anxiety: concern about everything Health anxiety (worried about health, something will happen), Social Anxiety: How to Deal with people low confidence. Physical restlessness, inability to control an overthinking mind

Through hypnotherapy, we can easily overcome anxiety, build confidence to deal with the future, and live happily in the present.

Psychological Disorder

OCD: Obsessions about anything, intrusive thoughts, and compulsive actions Hysteria: Personality change caused by suppression.

BPD: borderline personality disorder

Schizophrenia: hallucinations and delusions

Bipolar: Extremely elevated mood swings

Manage the symptoms and causes through hypnotherapy and counselling.

Manpravah Hypnoclinic

Clinical psychologist & Hypnotherapist

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