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What is PLR?

Past Life Regression is a drug-free therapy used to treat anxiety and depression. The aim is to relive all the past lives. It cures anxiety naturally by reliving and facing the traumas. Visiting past lives and incarnations can help the patient to learn from their past mistakes. It helps them overcome fear easily.

What are the Benefits of PLR?

PLR helps with anxiety, depression, weight loss, chronic health issues, phobias. Sometimes PLR shows the happiness in the past life of the patient. It can inspire them and help with living their present life peacefully. Witnessing past life happiness can remind the patient about their worth and power.

PLR for Treating Anxiety and Depression

The patient, while visiting their past lives, may come across the mistakes they made. In this process, they can learn from their mistakes to avoid them in their present life. Reliving the mistakes can also reduce or remove the fear. It will lead to reducing the symptoms of anxiety naturally.

Some patients might experience happy moments from their past lives. Watching their pleasant memories might give them a motivational boost. It can bring hope in their present lives and cure depressive thoughts. Reliving the trauma can also help in healing depression.

PLR for Weight Loss

It’s believed that a pattern from the patient’s past lives can become an obstacle in weight loss. That pattern or a need might be deep-seated in the patient’s subconscious wanting the patient to remain overweight. For example, the reason might be starvation in a past life that created a need to eat in the present life. Another reason can be body-shaming because of being underweight in the past life. There can be mysterious and numerous reasons.
Visiting the past lives can help break the need and that pattern which is not letting the patient lose weight. After breaking the need, the patient can lose weight without any medication or mental barrier.


Is a PLR session safe?
With the help of a past life regression facilitator or a therapist, a past life regression will help you heal and get enlightenment. Patience is the key when it comes to experiencing past lives as it can show traumas. Thus, a PLR session is safe as long as you will have a proper therapist and patience.
Can PLR cure depression?
Yes. PLR can cure depression without medications by making the patient relive the trauma or past mistakes. The patient can learn from their mistakes and avoid the fear of repeating them.
How do past lives affect people?
Past lives might affect the patients by keeping them trapped in negative cycles. The patient might find themselves repeating their negative behaviour or thoughts. They can find themselves in the same situations consistently.
Why can't we remember past lives?
The experience of being born also seems to delete our past life memories. It’s believed that children under the age of eight might talk about their past lives. Before age seven or eight, people can still have access to some memories of previous lives. As adults, the patient needs to utilize techniques like hypnosis for accessing memories.
We offer Past Life Regression therapy for depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. You can reach out to us. We have therapists who can help you overcome your problems at Manpravah in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Vashi and Bangalore.

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