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In a relationship, there are two unique individuals involved, which means different opinions and beliefs. Differences can create problems that may lead to a breakup or divorce, but with the right solutions, we can save it.

How to solve a relationship problem without a breakup is the real question. Relationships are complicated, but it is possible to overcome relationship problems. In this article, we will be focusing on relationship issues and their solutions.

What is a Relationship?

A relationship is an affectionate bond or connection where two people share romantic and sexual desires. They also share a concern, attraction, trust, protectiveness, empathy accompanied by genuine care.

Common Relationship Issues

Every relationship will have issues, and sometimes they help you grow. If these issues are not solved, they can damage the relationship. A pre-marriage counsellor helps to identify it and get a solution. Amongst other relationship problems, these are the most common:

Difficulty communicating

Communication gaps bring the most damage to a relationship. It is also the most challenging issue faced by couples.
Not being able to express or understand each other creates miscommunication. It can even lead to a breakup due to irritation and misunderstandings.


Infidelity is a deal-breaker when it comes to a relationship. Your partner will never be ready to trust you again. It will reduce love and respect.

They will not be able to see you eye to eye. The knowledge that you insulted your relationship will slowly damage everything, leading to a breakup or a divorce.


Substance abuse can create distress in a relationship. Distrust and disrespect come hand in hand with addictions. It affects your partner and the family as a whole. It can create toxicity and an unhealthy lifestyle. It gradually leads to neglecting the responsibility and needs of your partner. It will result in a breakup or divorce.

Intimate life

Intimacy is a basic necessity of a relationship. Without a healthy intimate life, the relationship will remain incomplete. Intimacy does not only mean sex. It means to be able to share your deep secrets, to know each other in a way others cannot. Lack of intimacy can lead to a breakup or a divorce.

External Factors

A lot of external factors affect a relationship. Factors such as peer pressure, monetary issues, depression, societal stress, workload and other such things disturb a relationship. Not only do they create conflict, but it gives rise to more tension.

Issues related to sexual life:

A lack of sexual life can be an issue in a relationship. Whereas being too demanding about it will create a problem. It can lead to trust issues, frustration and conflicts. Not being sexually satisfied or unable to perform can give rise to a dysfunctional relationship.


Every relationship needs a healthy amount of space. Being too dependent or far away from each other creates conflict. Being too much into your partner and their personal life can burden your partner, even make them stay away from you. Depending on your partner to fulfil happiness and other needs is not a balanced relationship dynamic. Whereas being far away can lead to falling out of love.

Pre-Marriage Counselling

Pre-marriage counselling will guide you about married life and get you ready for the problems you may face. It mainly focuses on compatibility. Without compatibility, the equation for a happy couple remains unbalanced. The pre-marriage counsellor guides you to bring balance to a relationship. Every relationship has its strong and weak points. Often the strengths are ignored while the weaknesses are featured. Sometimes the unidentified weak point creates conflict between the couple. Hence, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship is also necessary to regain peace. Concentrating on the strong points while finding a solution for the weak points is a way to get a healthy relationship. While, this may be the answer to the question, how to overcome relationship problems. But bonding better is also another necessity. Practising communication, empathy, and healthy boundaries will avoid conflicts in the long run. Counselling will lessen all the anxious, worried thoughts you might have about getting married. It will help you overcome relationship problems so you can start married life with peace. It will strengthen your bond resulting in good chemistry. You will be mentally prepared to face challenges in your relationship. Discussing important factors like finances, roles in marriage, children, and parenting comes under Pre-marriage counselling. It helps to understand each other while considering each other’s expectations. There is no harm in getting pre-marriage counselling, but avoiding it when you need it is a risk.

Post Marriage Counselling

In modern times, dealing with relationship issues is getting tough. People keep on researching on the internet, typing questions like how to strengthen marriage. While the internet can provide the answers, a counsellor will get a perfect solution. Everyone wants an understanding partner and has his/her expectations about married life. Every individual is unique in their way.

Post Marriage Counselling helps to deal with married life problems. It helps to identify the basis of the conflict between the couple. Most of the time, past experiences shape current issues. While sometimes, it’s simply due to egoistic nature. The counsellor helps to identify the main reason behind the problem.

Resolving the conflicts is another goal of post-marriage counselling. Understanding and facing issues together as a couple leads to a healthy marriage. Practicing healthy communication and expressing thoughts and emotions will help avoid many problems.

With different personalities and expectations, clashes are inevitable. It gets hard to stick with the marriage. The thought of getting a divorce starts to occupy the mind. Getting an answer to how to avoid a divorce becomes challenging, as it never crosses the mind.

Taking an interest in each other’s hobbies, spending time with each other, developing healthy boundaries and respecting each other helps the relationship become strong.

With all these exercises, restoring lost love is possible. Happiness becomes easy to find. You become ready mentally for the upcoming challenges. Together as equals and partners, you open a new page of peace and happiness.


We understand that each couple needs a different solution. There are various answers to your relationship problems, and you can get the proper and suitable one. We will help and assist you through the process. If you need guidance, we are here. You can reach out to us at Manpravah. We have pre-marriage as well as a post-marriage counsellor in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Bangalore.

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