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Can Dance Therapy Reduce Blood Pressure ?

  Your heart becomes stronger with regular exercise, making it easier for it to pump blood throughout your body. This lessens the pressure that blood exerts as it travels through your arteries, lowering your blood pressure. Additionally, dance enhances...


Giving In To Generalised Anxiety Disorder

It all started from the fifth grade annual day. Hundreds of people watching me falling from the stage tripping over my princess dress. I felt such shame that I ran home directly. And ever since then, I have developed this irrational, excess fear in doing anything...


Fighting My Own Self In Depression

We all have some low days and some days are relatively good. But what when the lows do not seem to end at all? My life was going downhill. It felt like I was going to the deepest, darkest levels of the ocean. It all started in the first year of my college. Nothing...


What it feels like to learn you have ptsd!

‘2008’ – A year that I’ll remember for life. We all know about the attacks of 26/11, well, I was not only a witness of it, but also a victim. My family and I were present at the Leopold Café, when a bunch of people entered the café, with guns and started firing....


Therapy session 2 on How to overcome overthinking.

Therapist – very good morning ma’am. How are you? Mira – I am fine. How are you? Therapist – I am great. So what is the issue you are facing now? Mira - Cannot stop overthinking. Thoughts of past and other worrying thoughts keep on disturbing Therapist: We often go...


Effect of Negative thinking

Although overthinking may seem simple, it can have a detrimental effect on your physical and mental health. Have you ever noticed that you spend excessive amounts of time contemplating rather than acting? Do you frequently find yourself reflecting on a certain...


Tools & Techniques to Overcome Anxiety

What is anxiety? A sense of unease, concern, or worry that arises in response to a perceived threat or danger, whether genuine or imagined, is known as anxiety. Everyone has the ability to experience it at some point in their lives because it is a typical human...