Therapy session 2 on How to overcome overthinking.

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Therapist – very good morning ma’am. How are you?

Mira – I am fine. How are you?

Therapist – I am great. So what is the issue you are facing now?

Mira – Cannot stop overthinking. Thoughts of past and other worrying thoughts keep on disturbing

Therapist: We often go with the flow of our thoughts without considering whether they are useful to us or not. We pay attention to every thought and that becomes mentally exhausting. We stress out too much over them. But instead of addressing all the thoughts at once, why don’t we consider all of them and ponder on only those that are necessary and useful. Think only when you know that this thinking will lead to a solution. We need to pause before thinking.

Mira– Thoughts about the future keep worrying me and that again leads to overthinking

Therapist: We need to be completely aware of what we are doing, of ourselves. Why do we think about the future? Keep the thoughts of future for the future. Think about the present, think about what you will do today now.

 Tomorrow is yet to come so let the thoughts of tomorrow, worry you tomorrow, not today.

Set a specific time to think about your thoughts. (Worry time technique).

Hypnotherapy was then conducted for relaxation of body, being in a state of awareness.

Mira – ohh it’s nice. I can do this about my thoughts. The time I get involved I start feeling anxious. Now from today I won’t get involved in my thoughts and will observe them.

What did you learned from this session?

Thinking from the outside without getting involved too much in the thought. Detaching oneself from thoughts and emotions, thinking about the present without speculating about the future and being aware of oneself.

You are mountain and thoughts coming are like clouds. They will come and go. Sometimes they might wait, but they will go away by themselves.


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