Is Anxiety still haunting you?

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 Prevention is the best cure!!

Sheetal energetic, beautiful and Smart women.  Use to work with private company. Sheetal was workaholic women. She used to stay alone at Mumbai due to work. After her Masters she shifted to Mumbai for Job and for good salary package.
She was Happy with her job and her lifestyle.
Her daily routine was fixed, morning to evening office and at night home or sometimes clubbing with friends.
There was no fixed timing for working.
Though her daily life was mechanical still she used to like it because of her paycheck. her life was base on materialistic things, status and opinion of others.
It has been 5 years since she was working with this company.
Due to sudden rise in numbers of covid – 19 patients, the government decided lock down.
The company decided to stop working for 1 month and later everything will be fine as it was insure by company.
She was quite disturbed at home alone due to the habit of going out and attachment toward work, parties, socializing and traveling.
It was suffocating for her to be alone at home.

A single message changed her life. 

But one fine day most of the people received a mail from the company about notice period and list of employees in the notice period.

Sheetal name was also their on notice period which disturbed her.
The boss gave clear instructions that only few with good performance while survive rest have to end their journey with this company.
They started working from home.
Due to notice period; her over thinking was extreme about work and future.
Her performance anxiety was getting worst day by day.
Her sleep and appetite was completely disturbing. She used to cry most of her day. She reduced her contact with her family and friends because of embarrassment to face them.
Her over thinking about performance, future, unemployment and society or relatives taunt were hunting her day and night.

Her stomach problems started but due to coming cases, it was difficult to get appointment at clinics.
Her overthinking was hunting her so bad that she decided to commit suicide as well.
She’s used to get panic attacks during meetings. Her performance affected due to anxiety.
The company was also lost due to lock down. It was difficult for companies to pay employees salary and even other expenditures. Due to loss in the company, CEO and Manager decided to quit company.
She was disturbed after meeting.
Her anxiety attack was increased frequently. She even stopped going out to buy basic things. According to her losing job was shameful. her overthinking was disturbing her with thoughts like ”people will ask me questions, society will think  me as loser, i am worthless and on and on………..
Her core beliefs about society and relatives were affecting her so much.
She has lost her job and grip of her Mental Health also.

We live most of our life thinking about future, past or what others will think about me and attachment toward certain things leads to depression, stress, overthinking and anxiety.

Single reason affected Mental, Physical and financial aspects of Sheetal.

Due to avoidance or lack of knowledge about Mental health  leads to serious disorders.
It’s better to start taking care of Mental health before it gets worst.


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