Where wellness meets nature. Embark on a mindful journey to nurture your mental well-being.
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Meetra : Friend

A supportive friend offers a safe space for open expression of feelings and emotions, free from judgment

Tatvadyani : Philosopher

A philosopher explains vital life principles for happiness, guiding you toward ultimate life satisfaction.

Vatadya : Guide

A life guide demonstrates practical application of life philosophy and offers ongoing mentorship for a mindful life.

A Life Transforming Experience

Meetva – a mindful journey is a unique initiative taken by Manpravah for healthy mind, body and soul. Meetva helps you create a balanced and meaningful life.

Why Meetva?

In today’s fast life and competition people are running in a rat race. People want everything to happen instantly. Everybody is chasing something and has become part of this rat race . But this competition is endless . In this journey of life you may feel depressed , stressed and anxious .

Meetva for You

You may become professionally successful but in personal life you may have large vacuum . People ascend professionally but descend personally . If you are not able to make balance in life then this journey become painful and that Someone is “Meetva “.

Uniqueness of your mindful journey

Destination Wellness

Outdoor destination treatment in lush green Konkan & Sea Mindfulness meditation session on pure white sand beach at Guhagarh

Green Boost

Find your me time in Konkan wadi and have a taste of delicious konkani food

Personal Touch

Personal and one to one life changing experience with renowned psychologist (Dr Sukumar Munje and Team Manpravah)

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– Dr. Sukumar Munje