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Why Mental Health matters in 2022?

January 2022

By – Dr Sukumar Munje


Being Physically fit stated has healthy, but it’s not the whole truth. Physically as well as mentally fit is a key of all aspects. Mind and body are interconnected to each other. Due to stigma related to mental health pull people back to talk or get help about Mental issue. Its not easy till now to talk about your Mental illness openly. Many people are still afraid because of judgmental people who still things getting treatment from psychologist put you in the categories of ‘’crazy”. You’re not ‘’crazy’’ your just unwell.

Asking for help or getting diagnose with depression don’t make you weak, in fact it makes you stand out from others. It’s a takes courage and strong heart to ask for help.

Due to lack of awareness or education many people still don’t understand the importance of Mental illness. Your disorder does not define who you are. Its just a small part of you and not whole of you. Brain is also a part of your body. Mental health need more non – judgmental and open conversation. Like physical health get sick, our mind also gets sick.


“Mental health is just as important as… physical health and deserves the same quality of support.” —  Kate Middleton



                             “Inner peace leads to outer peace”.

Good Mental Health means keeping our Mind healthy. Good mental health leads to proper functioning and increasing productivity. We face many problems like sleep problem, irritation, focus issue, concentration problem, irritation, depressed, lack of energy, low confidence, low self-esteem, anxiety, fear and list go on and on. It’s because of poor mental health care. Due to disturbed mental health, it also affects your Physical health, work and relationship.

Good Mental health can make really positive changes in life. It helps to increase productivity and focus in daily life activity. Brain is an important part of our body. Its need same amount of attention like other parts of our body.

It’s a myth that once you are diagnose with mental illness its for life time. Mental illness is curable. Each person can take care of their mind by meditation, journaling, proper diet and exercise. Psychiatrist, counsellor and Psychologist are professionally trained people who help you get over with your mental problem. All therapies are not expensive. Good Mental health helps you to handle stress effectively. It improves your relationship and work productivity. For high quality of life, you need high quality of Mental health.   


“High quality Mental Health leads to High quality life”




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