Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Aarushi is a 26 year old girl who is getting married very soon. She is a employer in travel agency with good salary. She takes great satisfaction in her work. And the guy she is going to marry is working with her in the same company. They had a good relationship since 1 year and after getting to know each other decided to get married.Also their parents have no problem with their relationship and agree to their marriage.

Everything was going well and suddenly a day before her wedding she told Rahul (her partner) that she was not ready to marry him and she didn’t want to marry him anymore. Rahul and his family suffered because of Aarushi’s decision. He tried hard to understand her and talk to her but still she would not talk to anyone except her family. After observing Aarushi and her family, Rahul decided to postpone the wedding and stopped talking to her for a while. One day Rahul called his father-in-law to a cafe to talk about Aarushi. After a long meeting now he knew the main cauz of her disturbed life.

Aarushi has a bad past in her life. She was physically abused when she was in 8th grade. She is an ambivert girl,so after that incident she took care of herself and started enjoying her life as before. She had forgotten everything and when Rahul tried to touch her during the engagement ceremony, she remembered everything and had a panic attack. After clearing everything she’s ready to marry with him. But after marriage still she have problem with touch of male person and after getting in touch with male she get disturbed quickly. She felt stressed all time. She gets irritate easily and she felt someone abuse her physically in nightmares. Seeing her unstable life, Rahul decides to take her for counselling.

After a consultation the doctor revealed that she has PTSD and is stressed after a long period of time due to this traumatic situation. After her hypnotherapy and counselling session she was very happy with the changes in her thinking and life. she was able to think in more practical way. Her doubts were cleared by psychologist. Counselling and hypnotherapy was helpful for her, it can help you too……………..


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