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Mental Disease

Are you suffering from memories of your Past Life ! ?

Anita is a bank employee was suffering from burning sensation in her skin. She consulted so many doctors, dermatologist but nothing works for her. This physical pain leads to stage of anxiety depression for her. She was not able to concentrate on her work; day to day life has become miserable for her. Finally at last she consulted me for the treatment of depression.
While treating her, I found that reason for her depression was a major problem of burning skin sensation. And root cause for that physical problem was not diagnosed by doctor. So I thought to use past life rogation therapy. In hypnosis session she undergo regression and we reached to her previous birth. She was burned alive by her husband. She was screaming like anything during session. We heal her with positive affirmation. And after some days result came in front of us. Her burning sensation disappeared magically and she came out of depression could join office and moved on in her life. So we found reason of her problem in her last birth. This past life regression therapy uses hypnosis treatment to recover from memories of past life.

We are familiar with philosophy of Karma – with in closely associated With concept of rebirth. As per this concept your future depends on your present day Karma. So past life regression therapy works on the familiar concept by karma. In our Upanishada and yoga also Past Life regression is mentioned. Many of us has fear of closed places or height or water which does not have any connection with our present but still haunt us. Such phobia fear, relationship issue, financial issue, personality problem can be cured by past life regression therapy. Because it is a root cause therapy. Here patents in hypnotized and such bad memory can be removed from the sub- conscious mind. Such bad memories create a blockage so need to flush out.


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