Cut your ego, otherwise life will cut you.

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Cut your ego, otherwise life will cut you.
I’m Chintan ( name change). I always felt people should respect me, obey me and listen to me. I forced my parents to be like that and after marriage so to the spouse. 
Till 30 age, everything was going well. As I changed my job position where I have to deal with people as an equal. I started having issues and conflicts. Constant warnings from seniors till it was do and die situation. 
I started behaving soberly, but it was killing me inside. I used to let out my frustration on my family. Till my spouse said, she can’t take it anymore either you go to counsellor or I will leave. 
Still, I didn’t listen and she left me for 2-3 months. After she returned our arguments and fights increased a lot. 
Now I started feeling restless inside, I couldn’t control my anger. So I went for drinking to avoid everything and keep me calm. 
And once I got dangerous panic attack, I was having severe chest pain, my legs were shaking, I was sweating in cold. My eyes couldn’t see anything in front. Mind was blank. I felt I’m gonna die.
 I went to doctor he told me to visit psychologist otherwise these things will keep on happening. 
I was scared as hell and then out of no option I came to manpravah. I was not willing to take therapy but after meeting doctor I felt like grounded. Seeing him talking so humbly and politely. I felt I should change too.
Sessions started, after every session from “I’m the only one… To I’m thankful” I changed a lot. My relationship with my family and spouse started to mending. 
I couldn’t be thankful enough to manpravah for opening my eyes and showing me the beauty of life around me.
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Thanking Dr. Sukumar munje and team.
Dr. Sukumar Munje.
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& Psychology counselor,
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