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Amrita story
Amrita (name change) – extrovert talkative girl.
She did well in her studies and so in her job.
But she started realizing she is being very negative, but still she continued and after 7-8 months she started feeling depressed.
She dint understand the reason and everyone around her said her same thing “you got everything what’s the need to feel depressed.”
She was quiet inside and in search for answers she came to Manpravah.
She spoke about her situation. Talking in comfortable, non-judgmental space made her feel relaxed.

And as the treatment began she started understanding it’s not the surrounding situation that led her to depression but her own thinking. From childhood, those complaining, making jokes of others, feeling superior attitude made her suffer.

During treatment she learnt healthy ways and positive talks also completed Sea Mindfulness Training.

And the result was happy, positive and grateful Amrita.


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