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Again Good news for all of us. Our beloved, respected Dr Sukumar Munje is awarded to Health Excellence Award by Government of India for year 2020. It’s a prestigious moment for all Manpravah Family. Thank you everyone for your continuous Support and Blessings.
Hello friends ! Good news for you. Our beloved, respected Dr Sukumar Munje is facilitated with Honorary PhD in psychology and hypnotherapy . It’s a prestigious moment for all manpravah family. Thank you everyone for your continuous support and blessings.

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Overthinking Is a Biggest Cause of Unhappiness​​


Cure Your Depression

Parent & Child Counselling

Parent & Child Counselling

Family & Marriage Counselling

Family & Marriage Counselling​

Inner Personality Development

Inner Personality Development

Advance (Mindfulness) Meditation Session

Tuesday :  8 pm to 9 pm – Prabhadevi clinic. 
Wednesday :  8 pm to 9 pm – Panvel clinic.
Friday :  8 pm to 9 pm – Vashi clinic.

     M.D [ Adv Hypno, NLP ] N.D. / C.C.HT

Hypnotherapist and Psychology Counselor

     Reg No : 214/13, IAO, 2401 / 17

Honored by Health Excellence Award by Government of India 2020.

 PHD (Hon.) In Psychology & Clinical Hypnotherapy.

     Indira Gandhi Gold Medal Winner.

     Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Excellence Award.

     India’s 5000 Best MSME Award 2017

    Member of Global Economic Progress and Research Association

What People Says About Us

have no word to express what a wonderful experience at Manpravah clinic. I came to Dr. Sukumar with my problem of anger and anxiety, he not only helped me get rid of these problems but also changed my life, perception and point of view His techniques are excellent and you can apply them easily in your daily routine I feel very positive and motivated and stable in life, all because of him. He is not only excellent doctor but also friend and counselor. Thank You Very Much Dr. Sukumar Munje sir
When I reached manpravah I was in strees and drained feeling . Anxiety ,over thinking , not mingled with people ,some phobia, depression. After I counseling with Dr.Sukumar mujhe sir they were given some technique which I follow. I can see changes in my life.they give hypnotherapy and all session .That will change my life. I personally said about Dr.sukumar munje is good human being and helpful .I make comfortable to me . I am thankful to Dr . Sukumar Munje sir And Manpravah Team. Good wishes😊
Hi everyone My name is Sheetal Nikam, I am 24 years old, I am a civil Engineer. I was going through depression problems because of my job around 4 months ago. And because of me my family was also unhappy. Almost i had quited 4 jobs due to stress and depression. But my dad thought of taking me to manpravah and luckly it was a good idea. Dr Sukumar and his team gave the confident to my family and me that i will be totally ok after some days. And yes i am fine now. I have gain the confident related to my job. Thanks to Dr Sukumar and his team. Thank you Manpravah.
I had a great experience with Dr.Sukumar Sir. I was suffering from depression and had suicidal thoughts. After meeting him I feel very positive about my future. My personality and health improved and I feel confident about myself. I am very thankful to him for helping me out during my tough times and would also like to recommend him. Thank you very much Sukumar Sir.
Rajshekhar Ienger
Dr.s.munje's way of treatment is just too good my daughter went into depression because of academic stress and professors negative remarks but with Dr. Munje treatment she was out of it within 3 session. she is able to handle her personal life also much better way because of dr munje 's positve talks. He is really God sent angle to us.
4 months ago My experience at Manpravah is life changing. I am thankful to Dr.Munje sir who help me to see the positive aspects in life and teach the benefits of living in the present and have gratitude and positive attitude towards life. He has positive and powerful vibes which made me feel confident about living life in a good way. Thank you very much Dr. Munje Sir.
Anushka Anchan
First when I came to visit Dr. Sukumar munje I only knew we had two things in common one A.P.J Kalam and psychology that's what Google told me I was some one who was wanting to not live but didn't attempt any of those also had a horrible time going on in my life was to much underpressure when I met him he said good morning I didn't understand I asked him he said there is a morning every day so no matter what your day was the good morning will help you to do better each day and that was a bit at right point I told him everything about me and he said he would like to meet my parents and later they ment him he said you have to take care of her and not just my bills .your child is suffering from depression and sucidal tendencies . They did realize that and things started changing alittle with them and alots with me my vision changed I was more thinking positive seeing positive and moving positive 😊 he has changed my life given me a new one after my mother today m at a point where I can do things I never thought I would do .mand all thanks to him and Dr. Ajay . THANK YOU .


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