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🤔Ever wonder why you react a certain way without consciously deciding to?

That’s the mysterious world of the

It’s like your mind’s backstage, influencing your thoughts and actions without giving you a cue. Let’s decode this fascinating aspect together.

Satisfaction and well being

✨What Awaits You?✨

🚀 Mind-Bending Revelations:
Explore the secrets of the mind with a mix of science and psychology.

🤯 Break Limiting Beliefs:
Cool exercises that change your perspective and build habits that stick.

📈 Achieve Your Goals:
It’s all about leveling up your life game!

Meet Our Mentor

At Manpravah, our commitment to your well-being is led by a team of seasoned experts dedicated to guiding you on your journey to mental health.

Dr. Sukumar Munje, PHD (Hon.)

Gold Medalist🏅

Role: Founder & Lead Hypnotherapist and Counselling psychologist.
Experience: Over 12 years (60,000+ Happy Patients)

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Psychology Counseling
  • NLP Training
  • Life Coaching

🚀Why Dive Into the Subconscious Mind Reprogramming 2.0 journey?


🤔 Ever feel stuck?
Your subconscious might be holding you back. We’ll help you identify and break free from those barriers.

🧐 Crush Limiting Beliefs:
Learn techniques to eliminate self-sabotaging thoughts and create a mindset that fuels success.

🎓 Dr. Sukumar’s Expertise:
Led by Dr. Sukumar Munje, a seasoned expert in clinical hypnotherapy and psychology, this workshop guarantees valuable insights.

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Where It’s At

📅 Date: March 9, 2024
🕔 Time: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
📍 Venue: Nayar Hall, Dadar East

Because Your Journey Matters
₹1999 ₹999

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Seize this opportunity to connect with your true self. Limited seats are available, ensuring an intimate and enriching experience.

For Enquires and Heartfelt Conversations

Your journey to well-being begins with you. Join us in creating moments that resonate with the harmony of your heart.


Manpravah Team reserves the right to admission of any participant, even after the fees have been paid.