Inner Personality Development

What People do to Develop Personality?

 Surprisingly less than 10 % people think that they need to take help of someone to develop personality. Generally they join personality development classes , take help from relatives or friends . Tips from relatives, friend can be helpful in some cases but they can’t find root cause of your problem . Their advice will be superficial In this case taking help from professional is highly recommended.

Why We are Best in Inner Personality Development ?

Personality is multidimensional word. It includes inner and outer aspects . You attire , body language command on language , looks are part of outer personality . and your thinking pattern and mental state defines your personality . It has links with your past experience, your family , society and all.

Generally in personality development classes attention is provided to outer personality . They teach you what to wear, table etiquettes, spoken English etc . These things are no doubt important . but we focus on your thinking pattern that is inner you . This is related with your behavior.

Our research and experience conclude that many personality problems has reason in past experience . With the help of advanced hypnotherapy we remove the negative feeling and thoughts from subconscious mind. And in that Empty field we do positive programming with the help of neuro linguistic programming and Practical mind programming .we do brain programming in such a way that this positivity will reflect in your personality.

In Manpravah we focus on long term and long lasting solution rather that only outer clearing . This solution will change your life and transform your personality.

Key Points


1. We focus on inner personality.

2. Our treatment will help you to boast your will power.

3. We guide you to break the comfort zone “think Different and Think Unique”

4. We will change your perspective and convert negative belief into positive belief.

5. This course will transform you into courageous person.

6. We will Change your attitude.

7. You will get rid of any kind of fear, stage fear, phobia , anxiety .

Anurag , a software professional , very talented and hardworking employee . His boss gave him a responsibility to prepare presentation for foreign delegates about new product that company was going to launch. Anurag did lots of research and made very good presentation . But still he was nervous because one incidence from his previous job was haunting him.

 In his previous job he got a chance to give presentation in front of his team . but as soon as he started to speak his hands started shivering, his throat became dry and he forgot everything . It was a nightmare for him.

Anurag had a stage fear . To overcome it he joined personality development classes in Mumbai.  But nothing changed for him . He could not utter a word in the presentation . He started feeling depressed and left the job and Joined this new company.

But can you avoid such presentation type of incidence in this professional life ? No not at all . And Anurag was about to face same incidence in this company also .To avoid it Anurag told his boss “Sir, I made the presentation , but I can not present it . I have a stage fear ”.

 After hearing it what you think , What his boss would have done ? think Think…

Yes there is a twist .

 His boss calmly said  “Anurag , You need to consult a psychologist or counselor ”. And He suggested Anurag to visit Manpravah as he has taken treatment in Manpravah for his son. So he was very well aware about what exactly we do .

Then  without wasting any time Anurag visited Manpravah . He had a stage fear . But reason for the stage fear was lying in his past . Anurag father was very strict . He didn’t like if someone speak in front of him. Out of curiosity as a child Anurag was asking so many questions to his father . but his father  used to scold him and force him  to shut up. So Anurag didn’t get a chance to express himself in his house. In school also he didn’t ask question because  he thought what if teacher also scold him ? So instead of asking questions he started reading books and fulfill his curiosity. He was gaining knowledge but his interpersonal skill was lacking .

We  removed his childhood nervousness from his subconscious mind .  With the help of neuro linguistic programming , Brain conditioning we did practical mind programming . with the help of positive instruction Anurag was feeling confident . In this journey his boss supported him . He gave him a chance to give presentation in small group. Anurag Successfully completed the task . so Anurag was confident that he can give justice to presentation for foreign delegates . And He Did it also..All members , board of directors were impressed with his knowledge . Anurag was lucky because his boss was understanding and he came to Manpravah. But Everyone is not that much lucky.

As per research 75 % people face public fear i.e social anxiety or Glassophobia . Lack of confidence, anxiety, stress , phobia increases the severity of this disorder . It can lead to depression and social withdrawal. It impact your personal and professional life . Then what do you think people generally do in such cases ?


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