Past Life Regression Therapy

What Past Life Regression Therapy ?

Past life regression is a part of hypnotherapy which take a person back into his past life by accessing memories and experiences which are deeply rooted in subconscious mind.

Benefits of Past Life regression therapy .

1)Unexplained illness and Physical Pain
Sometimes you are not feeling well and reason for the illness is unknown. Then there is a possibility that root cause of illness may be hidden in our past memories . Past life regression helps to discover such memories and connect dots between past and present .
Past life regression is beneficial in eliminating physical pain
2)Treatment of fear and Phobia
Fear of height, new places, phobia of water may have linkages with past life. Past life regression therapy as assisted Hypnotherapy helps to dig past to remove such fear and Phobia
3)Best Mindfulness technique
Mindfulness helps to be present in Present . Sometimes our past memories does not allow us to focus on present. Past life regression reduces intensity of past memories and help to focus in present and be mindful

How does Past life regression works?

This past life regression therapy uses hypnosis treatment to recover from memories of past life.
We are familiar with philosophy of Karma – with in closely associated With concept of rebirth. As per this concept your future depends on your present day Karma. So past life regression therapy works on the familiar concept by karma.In our Upanishada and yoga also Past Life regression is mentioned .
Many of us has fear of closed places or height or water which does not have any connection with our present but still haunt us . Such phobia fear, relationship issue, financial issue, personality problem can be cured by past life regression therapy. Because it is a root cause therapy.
Here patents in hypnotized and such bad memory can be removed from the sub- conscious mind. Such bad memories create a blockage so need to flush out.
Now consider a situation. a big pipeline in supplying water to city but something has stuck in the pipeline so what will happen? Water will not flow smoothly & pipeline will get burst out due to immense pressure.
Our mind is like that only. If we don’t remove the blockage it will destroy us. So past life regression therapy is a ray of hope in that case.
That is a very safe & secure therapy. Patient should have full faith and open mind to respond positively . This treatment has created miracle in life in many people. So let experience the difference !!!

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