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Dr. Sukumar Munje

MD (Adv Hypno and NLP)|ND|C.CHT

Gold Medalist 

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach

Registration  no : 214/13

 Dr. Sukumar Munje  is a highly accomplished counselling psychologist ,Internationally Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, well known NLP trainer and Life Coach . He is founder of Manpravah Hypnoclinc which has three branches in Mumbai (Elephistone/Parel(W) , Vashi and Panvel respectively )He has been recently awarded with Prestigious Global Economic Progress and Research Association's Indira Gandhi Gold Medal .

About Dr Sukumar Munje 

  • Internationally certified Clinical hypnotherapist
  • Have Experience of treating  around 20000+ Patient with personal and group treatment  
  • MD (Alternate Medicine ), E.H , C.C.Ht
  • Certified Clinical hypnotherapist , counselling psychologist, Life coach
  • NLP Trainer and  Mind Programmer and renewed counselor  
  • Depression, स्ट्रेस , OCD, Hysteria , Schizophrenia, Insomnia   यासारख्या मानसिक आजारांवर उपचार करण्यासाठी प्रसिद्ध
  • Peoples Corporate  बेस्ट Hypnotherapist  अवार्ड ने सन्मानित
  • Experience of treating more than 26000 patients 

Area  of Expertise

  • Special treatment for mental illness like OCD, Hysteria , Schizophrenia, Bioplar disorder
  • Pre-Marriage  counseling
  • Marriage Counseling and Sex Therapy
  • Perfect solution for Stress, Depression , Phobia, Anxiety etc
  • De addiction therapy for Drugs, Alcohol etc
  • Teenager’s Counseling and solving  Parenting Issues
  • Whats App, Facebook ,Gaming and Social Media De addiction  
  • Personality Development with  NLP Treatment
  • Special techniques of concentration improvement for students

Dr. Munje  is a multi-faceted personality, an expert in the field of Hypnotherapy , counselling psychology and solving various Mental Illness and personality disorders with more than 5 years of experience  . The primary focus of his  therapy  is to apply a holistic approach to heal his patient  through a combination of various advanced therapies

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Elephistone/Parel (W)

Siddhisadan  Building , Office no 2, Fitwala Road , Near Siababa Mandir , Near Elphistone Station, Elphistone(W), Mumbai 400013

Phone no : 022-65757571 , 9029495993/9819639344

New Panvel(East)

Melody Tower, Shop no 27, Near Neelkamal Hotel , Near New Panvel Station ,New Panvel (East)

Phone  no :9819639344 /9029495993


C1/12,Office no 2, First Floor, Opp Navratana Hotel  , Near Vashi bus Depot , Vashi , Navi Mumbai 400703

Phone no : 022-65757574, 9029495993/9819639444